I can’t be too sure but I have a feeling that our late director, Noel S. Ruiz, was messing with us during last nights performance of Les Miserables. Perhaps he felt that show was running too smoothly and he wanted to see how his cast would react to a couple different situations. Perhaps he wanted to spice things up. Or perhaps these things just, well, happened?

Considering that the run of Les Miserables is quickly coming to an end with 7 performances left, the fact that we have not broken any of the glass bottles during “Master of the House” is a crazy thought. However, right at the beginning of the scene it happened. It felt like slow-motion. I was standing off stage waiting for my entrance and just watched it fall right off the table. crash. shattered. everywhere. Naturally my mouth dropped. I didnt know how we were going to get that off the stage. Luckily Madame Thenardier swept it up into a pile and then another cast member took a very modern dustpan to sweep it up. TEAMWORK!

Now that really wasnt so bad, what happened next though….

The ABC cafe/students were on the stage singing about the blood of angry men or something 😉 and then Gavroche is supposed to enter and get their attention, however his entrance music was non existant. He still entered like a champ that he is and saved the boys from their awkward silence. Then proceeded to sing “The People’s Song” a cappella. It wasnt a complete trainwreck, but it wasn’t pretty. Everyone did what they could and we certainly pulled it together as best we could despite the different keys we were singing in.

Everyday I am a little more in awe of this cast that I am a part of. Talented. Professional. Troupers. I am so proud of us all.

Everything happens for a reason….


I am a firm believer in that saying… always have been. Recently as things have been happening in my life I have been having “ah-ha!” moments. For instance, when I was living in Chicago, the acting life just didnt seem to be happening for me. Yeah, I got a few student film gigs, but nothing worth anything except credit. I was even a little down about being back home and then I was presented with an opportunity to be on a local stage doing a one act play written by a local playwright. This is when I started to realize that I came home for a purpose.

Then I began making some connections and friendships. I began stepping on the stage a lot more. These friends, whether they know it or not, were helping me to validate the reasons I came home from Chicago.

I am so grateful for these experiences and friendships that I have acquired through the last several months.