Comfort Zones



When I sit back and think about the person I was yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, last year ¬†or even years ago… I realize that I am constantly jumping out, busting at the seams of my comfort zones. I am breaking the boundaries and moving forward. Staying stagnant in one place can only get you so far, but when you start moving and facing fears is when you truly grow as a person.

In the last few months I have pushed myself in ways that scare me. I drove in NYC to set. Me. the girl scared to death of driving in that craziness…. did it. I feel like I could conquer the entire world. ¬†Currently I am working on coming out of my shell. Saying “hi” and “bye” to people in every place that I visit. Its hard for this girl who has become a quiet little mouse over the years. New adventures means new Courtney.

I can’t wait to see what comfort zones I break in the next few months.