Positivity breeds positivity


I have always been a firm believer in the power of positive thoughts. 2014 was a particularly rough year for me. With 2015 here, I felt that there was no better time than to let go of all the things that were no longer serving me. Most of those things were residual emotions from last year that I was holding onto.

When the clock struck midnight making it 1/1/15, I was a new person. With new ideas and new feelings about my life. Positivity was always a mantra of mine, but this year was different. I felt it in my bones.

Now almost 6 weeks into the new year, I can feel the difference. I can smell it in the air. After letting go, I have surrounded myself with positivity. Let me tell you, since I have started this new life… only positive things have come back to me.

Stay positive.