A new person.


22Life is crazy. Sometimes people get into your head. Sometimes these are the people close to you. Sometimes they don’t intentionally do this. Sometimes they divert your attention from those big dreams of yours by dangling shiny ideas in front of you.

I never meant to stray from acting. I never wanted to “give up”. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was. I didn’t realize what was going on around me. I didn’t realize what I was missing out on.

I am not starting where I left off. I left off in a very negative space internally. I lost some confidence. I was afraid. I made appointments and cancelled them out of fear, or because I wasn’t fully committed to myself. I am creating a new starting point with positive energy surrounding me.

How can I start where I left off when I am a different person now? A person who smiles at the though of her future, at the possibilities that lie ahead, at the people who are supporting me by pushing me and asking the right questions. A person who can see all the amazing opportunities and experiences that lie ahead. A person who is ready to work hard. A person willing to make the commitment to herself…. and let’s face it, that is the most important change.